Thrifting Thursday- 'Repurposed' Client Book 10-24-13

Welcome Frugal Friends~
  As you can well imagine, I don't like to throw anything away.  For the past 2+ years I have been keeping my 'client records' in a little dollar store notebook. 
Convenient because is was small, but not very efficient or now large enough I decided to do an 'upgrade'. 
  I did actually plan to buy a binder or planner of some sort but I didn't really find exactly what I wanted and the things I did find were IMHO too much $$.

  Recently,  I was rummaging around and found this 'Dream Catcher' journal my mother in law gave me as a gift about 10 years ago.  Nice heavy, lined pages, spiral bound and best of all FREE.  I removed the pages explaining dream symbols and got right to work altering the cover.
[Supposedly, if you dream of teeth you are worried about someone being aggressive toward you [duh...whatever?]
 Sifting through my 'altered art' papers I assembled a collection of favorite images.  Then, since this is for my TTE Designs, I thought it would be appropriate to add one of each of the business cards I've had, showing how things have evolved these last few years.  
A few charms and a gallon of Mod Podge later.... here she is.  
Now seeing these pictures I think I may add some more doo-dads and trim around the edges too.  

I also made some tabs so I can alphabetize the information.  

It's not fancy, but it's certainly fun & THRIFTY!

Thanks for your time today,
Wishing you a lovely weekend,


  1. I love the idea of putting your business cards on there! And yes, you need to have fun with some paints and alcohol inks too. And then go grab a zillion more at the dollar store, cause it's so very addictive....:)

  2. This is lovely, Alicia... I've wanted to make a binder to store my huge collection of business cards and this gives me loads of inspiration. Those commercial binders are SO boring!


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