Tuesday 'Tin Tutorial'

 I'm a tinkerer, an experimenter and a fiddler. I like trying things even knowing it might not work the way I envision.
A couple of months ago, I splurged and bought a Provo craft 'Cuttlebug' machine on sale from my local big box craft store. I had seen a few videos that showed it being used with embossing folders and metal blanks, which by the way, works well and is a lot of fun. See this video from Brenda at B'sue Boutiques> B'Sue Boutique Metal Embossing with Cuttlebug

Recently, I struggled to open a 'chobani' yogurt. Initially I thought 'what the heck?'  and then  thought, Hmmm, that is some nice sturdy foil.
So I washed it and set it aside. Then I had the occasion in the next couple of days to run across a couple of other products with that similar foil.
I thought I would experiment and show my results.
 Place the clean, dry foils in the embossing folder and run through the machine per directions for best results.

Voila'~ a nice crisp image using both the metal embossing folder [left] and a paper embossing folder design [on right].  Conveniently, the foil can be cut using a circle paper cutter from my scrap booking days.[See Honey, no craft product EVER goes out of style or usefulness]

Here I began adding color & patina with the Ranger ink patina products. Heat set to ensure durability.

I had a 'baby coke' for lunch that day and the gears started turning..... GULP, wash, dry and out came the tin snips, [BE CAREFUL~ it's sharp!] and a trip through the embossing folders

This too can be cut with punches......

Rounded with a paper corner rounding punch, sand/file those sharp edges and color them with Ranger patina inks...

 These cute, light weight earrings sold at my craft show for $5 last week. They were a total experiment. The lady who bought them loved the light weight quality and was floored when I told her it was a 'coke can' in a previous life. :-DThis is the disc seen above, added to a brass bezel which I poured with resin to make a cabochon/focal/pendant.

I had a great time experimenting on this day. I recommend giving it a try.  BE CAREFUL, sharp edges will most definitely cut YOU, but if you take your time, you can achieve a good result and do a bit of reduce, re-use & recycle in the process.
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  1. Very cool, Tammie... I've used pop cans for baking clay and for making custom cookie cutters. This is a new one for me!

  2. Sweet! I just got a Big Kick, and have been looking for supplies....:D

  3. Clever Tammie. What did you do with the little hearts?

  4. This is brilliant, thanks so very much for sharing!

  5. Very clever. Like the tutorial. I've used my cuttlebug on Vintaj blanks and I love it but would not have thought about a coke can.

  6. Great Ideas!!! Thanks so much!!

  7. What an awesome way to recycle!! This is a great post,...fun, all around!

  8. Wow, Fabulous, Loved this post.


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