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Building a Terrarium or Two 3/24/2022

Hello Friends~ It's been awhile.... Moving back to the beautiful panhandle of Florida and building our forever house have filled my calendar for the last year.  Feels good to get back to a bit of blogging.  Recently I came across this nice big apothecary style jar at a local thrift shop for just $3.  I have been wanting to build a terrarium for awhile and this seemed like a good fit.  I also have this large round Italian glass globe jar that would make a good terrarium as well. Supplies are gathered Flashback to the 1970's. My mom has always been an avid gardener and from time to time would have a terrarium or two around the house. It is a fond childhood memory for me.  I did some reading to help me plan and then gathered my supplies.   Base pebbles for drainage, a 'false bottom' layer also to facilitate drainage, activated charcoal to keep things fresh, preserved moss, good potting soil that I made myself, and a variety of tiny plants. I collected most of the accents..

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