Pinterest Monday 10-21-13 Vintage Halloween...

Halloween is coming and I'm feeling nostalgic.
Today zombies and sexy witches are all the rage, but in my day it was more like this......

The Third Annual Creepy Cool Vintage Halloween Mask Tribute – Modern KiddoThe Third Annual Creepy Cool Vintage Halloween Mask Tribute – Modern KiddoBunny and bear. #vintage #halloween #masks #1960sVintage Halloween masks
This is the costume I remember. I spent my childhood in northern Illinois so I was always annoyed that  I had to wear a coat over my "beautiful" costume.
Do you remember these.... Collegeville brand costumes....mask pressed out of plastic, thin little rubber band that really did not hold the mask in place and always broke. Trying to see and breathe through tiny holes.  Ahhh, but for that one night I WAS a princess....
collegeville cinderella costume with orignal box
What are your costume memories??  Thanks for strolling down memory lane....


  1. Oh yes, I remember those masks. I always cut my tongue by sticking it through the mouth hole. My favorite, though, was wearing a real silk Japanese dress that my mom found at a garage sale. I pulled my hair back and put on white makeup and was a gorgeous geisha. I won a contest at school that year, too. Fun memories!

  2. I wore those costumes most of my childhood. I remember thinking when I went to buy a costume for my child that I miss the organized rows of boxes instead of the mess of racks with costume items missing, fallen to the floor etc.

  3. Growing up, mu family didn't have much money for store-bought costumes. Instead, my mom created our costumes by either sewing them or using old clothes and then using makeup on us. We had some unique costumes for sure. And, we almost always got to dress up as anything we wanted! I for one was never a sexy witch! ;)


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