Pinterest Monday 10-28-13 Vintage Halloween II

I'm a sucker for vintage images and ephemera. Here's a salute to a simpler time featuring Halloween images. Enjoy!
wow, she got the boxes! that's a good house to stop at.
The holy grail of Trick or Treating.... full size bars!
Vintage Halloween Postcards  Have fun! -  Vintage Halloween postcard. #halloween #vintagehalloween #holiday #halloweenpostcard #postcard
" A Jolly Halloween"
Vintage postcard/ Owl & Pumpkin
Interesting costume ideas, I can't imagine any kids today wanting to dress as a 'Merchant' 
vintage halloween
A classic image
vintage halloween
The look on the child's face is priceless!


  1. Thanks for sharing these sweet cards! That first one brought back memories, Tammie... when I was a child (1960s) costumes were simple and often made at home. Mum even reused upholstery fabric for clown disguises one year (my parents reupholstered our furniture themselves). I believe they were orange and brown. If I ever track doown the pics I'll share with you.

    Thought you might enjoy a "thrifty Halloween" story!


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