Thrifting Thursday 10-10-13 Leftover's

 Leftover's get a bad rap.   Perhaps you envision of a white chinese takeout container with all the good stuff picked out.... I prefer to think about day two of a rich beef stew left alone to let the flavors deepen.

So let's talk about this concept.  Here is a picture from a couple of months ago. While thrifting, I stumbled across a cache of broken watches which I 'canabalised' for use in more steam punk flavored  assemblages.

Here is a photo of the aftermath.  All the nasty bits cut away, and all the good 'leftovers' ready for use.

And so, these bracelet type bands sat in a drawer. Recently I was sifting through some stuff and came across them again.  I had been doing some resin work and thought maybe these would make cool bracelets.  It seems that with the smart phone revolution, only old dinosaurs like me actually wear watches to tell the time.  Most people just look at their phones...

So I taped off the bezels with packing tape and added in a few do-dads, like watch gears, pins and rhinestones. 
[I also use a tiny bit of tape on the inside to 'plug' the hole where the winding pin would have been,  I learned that lesson the hard way]
  Once the resin cured I peeled off the tape and re-poured on the front/top to make a nice domed  surface.  

To this bezel I added a long headpin, patched over the hole before pouring, and once cured twisted into a bail. A few Czech chandelier beads were wired to the sides where the leather band had been.

There you have it. 
I'd say those are some pretty yummy 'leftovers', wouldn't you?
Thanks for Thrifting with me today.  I always appreciate your time spent here and any comments you care to leave.
Have a great weekend,
Warm Regards,


  1. I always love your Thrifting Thursdays. Love how your watch pieces turned out. You have a really neat stash of parts to work with. I've seen some neat ones with photos put in them too and also some made into necklaces.

  2. Very clever!! Love your ideas....:)

  3. Love these, Tammie! My sister used to be a BIG fashion watch collector so perhaps I will check out her old stash (she won't miss a few *TeeHee*)

  4. I am always amazed by your creative processes!

  5. I have a ton of old watches.. But never have used resin before.. Guess now is a good time :)

  6. LOVE these leftovers. I've got a little drawer full of similar 'leftovers' that I keep planning on doing something similar with. I'm so glad to see great minds think alike! :)


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