Pinterest Monday 10-7-13 Autumn Decor

Although it was in the 80's last weekend, I'm in the mood for Autumn.  It is October according to the calendar. 
So here I share some beautiful inspiration from my favorite season.... It's FALL, Y'all...
Autumn rake "wreath"
Bittersweet and an old rake make a lovely display -

Tissue paper leaves on a pumpkin.
Tissue paper leaves on a pumpkin from
Pumpkin Candy Corn!! omg.
Spray painted 'candy corn' pumpkins--

With a Dash of Color: A Simple Autumn Tablescape

And last but not least... a couple of funnies....

The neighbors are so gonna judge me.


  1. OMG that last one is hilarious... talk about keeping the trick-or-treaters away LOL

    1. Thanks Monique, I'd love to do that on my porch , not sure what the neighbors would think of me though... haha

  2. Interesting blog you have - so glad I found you. Greetings!

    1. Welcome Eileen, Thank you for your kind words :-D


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