Thrifting Thursday- Dad and The Bottle Tree

Hello Friends~
Back in June of this year we took my son to his college orientation which was only 2 hours from my mom and dad's house so we stayed with them for a couple of days to visit.

Before I go on let me say three things. First, both of my parents are extremely creative, artistic and crafty. I grew up with that all around me and I'm certain it's were I get my talents and drive to create. Secondly, I've been collecting cobalt blue glass in various shapes & forms for a few years. Third, I come from a long line of hoarders   collectors, folks who re-use, make it work, re-cycle, re-purpose.

So during that June visit, Dad and I were talking about my jewelry making.  I was telling him about all the aspects I'm working on from new jewelry techniques I'm doing to show set-up and including my blog and also other influences I've had lately.  One of these being a blog I follow called 'The Blue Bottle Tree" by Ginger Davis Allman.  I mentioned how not only was this a great & informative read for my polymer clay techniques but I LOVED the idea of a blue bottle tree.

So, as if it was a newspaper comic...while those words were still floating over my head in the word bubble...Dad leaps up and says "Well, let's make you one!"

Then he heads out to the garage, puts on his 'shop clothes' and starts pulling out this large pole on a base that he had tucked back in a corner.  Did I mention that my Dad decided to learn welding a couple years ago?  Just one of his many talents.  Luckily I had my phone on me and captured a few shots from the beginning stages.

Here are a couple of pics of the pole and it's base.
Here are some salvaged oven racks that will become the spikes for the bottles

Cutting the racks apart created these spikes  and then Dad welded them to the center post.

Voila' ~ the finished product with some temporary beer bottles just for show. We went back last week to take my son to college and picked up the tree, it was a challenge to get it into the car :-D
My Dad is an over achiever [in the best possible way].... he made me a patio table top version as well... pretty cool huh?

Here she is... partially filled in the front bed of my house.... Looks like I have some Reisling to drink.

My Mom liked it so much, my dad built her one too!
Then, since they live in Gadsden, AL  they traveled the 'World's Longest Yard Sale' a couple of weeks ago and found lots of unique blue glass to fill it...

So many, many thanks, to Ginger for the inspiration, 
to my husband and brother for making it fit in the car and of course to my Dad for making it a reality.

Have a great week... I'll be the girl with a glass of reisling in my hand...
Warm Regards,


  1. That's really neat, so happy that you have a Dad that can still make you things. Love all the blue bottles. I love blue glass like that too and if you buy Bud Light Platinum it comes in blue bottles too if you need something smaller toward the top. LOL

  2. I'm collecting bottles to make a green bottle tree. My plan is to use rebar set in a galvanized bucket of concrete for the trunk/branches. Lots of different shaped green bottles are available for olive oil. If anyone can think of others, let me know.

  3. I'm collecting bottles to make a green bottle tree. I know I can get a variety of shapes and sizes from olive oil. Any other ideas besides wine?
    I'm thinking rebar trunk/branches set in a galvanized bucket of concrete.

  4. My Dad was having trouble making a comment. He emailed me and asked me to add this for him.

    Thanx Tammie, you did a good job on the Blog Spot. The key to this entire project is the ability to weld the metal arms to the pole. Some people may want to be more creative and arrange the pins in a more random positioning. My sense of control and reason would not allow me to do that. The round base shown on the one I made for MOM is a recycled air compressor tank, filled with water to help weight the standing pole.
    An option for those you want to make one of these without welding, is to buy a 4"x 4" wooden beam and drill holes on it to accommodate pegs of wood or even pencils to hold the bottles.
    Dad T.

  5. How wonderful to be able to have a creative gift from your dad ! Those blue bottles are fabulous and I will always remember this post whenever I see one :) I think that he needs to make some more of the table top ones and sell them! They would be easily shipped and a real conversation piece!

    BLessings to your parents!

  6. Pretty cool!! I am glad to see that Reisling runs in your blood as well as mine!! As the comment stated above, You are lucky to have your Dad still around to make you things! I will also agree....that we come from a L O N G line of hoarders 9or collectors) HA!!!!!! Sure enjoyed reading this post! Have a great weekend, drink up! Love ya, Marcie


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