Thrifting Thursday 8-1-13

Welcome Friends~
Today I present my most recent Thrifting Thursday score. 

I have had a fire place screen on my 'thrift list' for quite a while. 
I've seen them before but they were always either too elaborate, too dirty/rusty or too expensive. 
This one fit all my criteria and was only about $6.  
I plan to spray paint it white and 'distress' it a bit,  for a cleaner, more shabby chic look.

I want to use it to display earring cards at craft shows. If I have this pre-loaded for shows it should help speed up set-up. I think the screen will give a lighter feel.
fireplace screens for display
Above is a picture from my Pinterest board titled Craft Show Display Ideas  where I find inspiration.  My display is different at each show depending on my booth space and how I'm feeling on a particular day.  
I usually take a picture so I can review what worked and what could have been better.

This craft light, was a steal at $3. The 'retro mauve' color won't matter as I plan to use it for my photo taking station. 

I am in the process of updating my graphics, using a fleur di lis theme. I plan to use a few in my show display as accents. This resin wall hanging was $1.98 and although fairly dirty, it cleaned up well.

 I debated on buying this little jewelry stand for $3, but I think I will use it to display one of my 'magazine pieces' at shows since it will just showcase the one item. I may also paint and distress this in white.

Well, there you have it. This weeks treasures. I will post some after photo's of the screen once I get it painted and set up.

Thanks for reading today~ Happy Thrifting!
Warm Regards,


  1. Love your treasures this week! The fireplace screen is a great idea for a show display! Don't you just love Pinterest?

  2. Love your fireplace screen idea, I thought I was pretty clever when I found a couple racks and wired them together but this is even better and much bigger. It is a real timesaver to put everything on there before you go to a show. You can also make little S-hooks out of wire if you want to add necklaces too. Loved your other finds too.

  3. That jewelry stand is too cute. And what a great idea with the fireplace stand. Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. did great! You make me think I should not be driving by all those garage sales.

  5. Thanks for sharing your great finds! Looks like I should start making the rounds of the yard sales again. :)

  6. Craft light for $3? You hit the jackpot on that one lady. How do you plan on attaching the cards to the fire screen? I am ALWAYS looking for a better way to display earrings; I don't think I've hit on a right combination yet.


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