Thrifting Thursday 8-29-13 Button Bonanza!

Welcome Thrifters!
This weeks post is a homage to the simple button. 

The earliest functional buttons were found in the tombs of conquering Hungarian tribes from the late 9th century. Functional buttons with buttonholes for fastening or closing clothes appeared first in Germany in the 13th century. They soon became widespread with the rise of snug-fitting garments in 13th- and 14th-century Europe. [Thanks Wikipedia...]

This cache of goodies was found at my local DAV thrift shop and set me back about $7
I have no real idea of the actual age of all these buttons, but a little research revealed some insight.  
On several of the cards it made mention of being in business over 95 years. I did a little google search on the company names and their founding dates, that plus a little math gives me an date in the early 1970's which seems about right to me.
Many of the loose buttons had been used as they had thread and bits of fabric still attached. 
SO... what to do with this find?
After a washing and removing of fibers I sorted them into groups. 

I did a bit of Pinterest and You Tube searching and decided that jump ring bracelets would be the way to go for the larger bunches. I know these are simple, but they are light weight and make a lovely clicking sound.  
I think that cream colored one will be hard to part with....
 For the pairs and coordinating sets I decided on making a variety of earrings. These are both shank and sew through buttons in forest green, lilac and navy blue.

I'm inspired by this find. 
I will certainly be on the lookout for more treasuries of vintage buttons 
at antique and thrift shops.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend,
Warmest Regards,


  1. Really love your bracelets but the earrings are neat too. Great find. Think I could destash lots of buttons without buying any since I have lots from making crafts years ago.

  2. Cute, cute, cute. I've got an affinity for buttons also, but haven't done the amount of research you have. I'd love to know which of those companies was the one you the info on (LaPetite or La Mode) as I have cards with both of those brands on them. Anyway, I love that you got so much made with them. Maybe, just maybe you've motivated me to do something with mine too. :)


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