Thrifting Thursday 8/8/13 In Progress...

 Hello Thrifty Friends~
Last week I shared my charity shop finds which included this black fireplace screen I plan to use for my indoor craft shows this fall.
I wanted to give a lighter, shabby chic look so I invested in a can of almond spray paint and gave it two  coats.  It wasn't so obvious when I snapped these pics but I can see that I need to give the mesh areas another going over or two.

I like the cleaner look. My booth display colors tend to be creams, browns and a light aqua/blue gray as you can see here.

 Now I'm debating how to hang the cards. Initially I thought I would use my trusty drapery hooks seen here on the right. 
However they don't fit as sleekly as I had hoped.  The awkward little homemade hook at bottom right worked best.  

Another idea I have is to potentially run rows of wire across each section and using hang tags I make from my business card with these plastic gadgets from FMG attach the cards to the wire. Earring card, PVC plastic, transparent clear, 1x1-inch square with adhesive front. Fire Mountain Gems   My displays are always evolving.
I keep hoping I will find a consistent set up, but until that time.... I'll keep you in the loop. :-D


  1. Love the new look, you could make little S hooks out of wire to use, they're not quite as bulky as drapery hooks that way. I pinch the one side a little so they don't fall out so easily.

  2. Looks so different with that great paint job, Tammie!

  3. Hi having worked in JoAnns and put up and taken down many a display may I suggest a few things to help you out. One thing you might put some white paper behind the mesh so that your great creations stand out. Also....I shop at home depot almost as much as bead shops so I am putting in some links...
    You could use some small wing nuts to secure it to the mesh...or , these are made for peg boards....just some ideas good luck, can't wait to see the finished product!


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