Thrifting Thursday/Evolution 1/10/13

 Hard to believe this spring will be my 3rd year of doing craft shows.

Two years ago, a friend of mine INSISTED that I do a craft show at her children's school.  That was my start and I've been doing them regularly now. 
The display of my booth has been a constant evolution as I try and decide what my 'vibe' will be all while on a very tight budget.
This past fall I moved to a black and white scheme, simple and neutral I thought.  I liked the clean look at the time. I always try and take a least a couple pics and when I looked back I see that it's sort of cold, and not the look I really wanted.  
I wanted to inject some color so I ordered some business cards and a sign from Vista Print with what I hoped was chocolate font with aqua/turquoise background. Let's just say that the colors on the computer are not the same in real life so what I got was more of a blueish-gray with brown. 

For my last show I tried using some blueish cloths [our bed sheets...] to soften the look. This is not a good picture but you can see the idea. It's haphazard since I didn't want to spend the $ until I was sure.  I am fairly frustrated at this point. This whole journey has been an experiment,  I like the learning aspect of it but sometimes I get pretty exasperated by it all. 

[Squished into a long narrow space at this show...]


 The Vista Print sign I ordered

I have 2 shows coming up in February and been on the hunt for some nicer, cohesive looking linens at a reasonable price. Earlier this week I stopped at my favorite charity shop [CHKD- Chesapeake] and found 2 big curtain panels of a steel blue 'faux raw silk'. They are pretty close in color compared to my business card seen here and with my military discount they were only about $12. I am considering buying some burlap as an under skirt and using the 'silk' on top like I did with the black above.
I think I am going to 'retire' my repurposed crib display. It makes a nice wall, but is so heavy and cumbersome to tote around. I still think I need height and so I have been searching the web for craft show display idea. I am contemplating using a rolling clothing rack at the back of my display to hold my sign and one burlap covered display board.

I also recently bought 8 linen look display stands. I am striving for a subtle 'spa' like~ peaceful vibe. 
At the after Christmas sales I bought some lighted 'branches' which I have secured in a pot. I hope it will add a more organic feeling to my display. Plus the branches are chocolate brown which is another color I am accenting with.   I guess it's a work in progress, I will post pics later this month when I do my mock set up.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I'd love to hear how you display your items and if you have 
any suggestions/ideas/advice for me that would be most welcome!


  1. I was just thinking that instead of doing one long black panel on top, you could break it up and do a diamond-shape over lay instead. If you're doing the might/medium blue beneath, then do, say two black cloths laid diamond wise on the ends with a third in the middle in a different color, maybe chocolate brown or navy blue? Sometimes just adding that bit of shape to break up the straight lines can make a difference in the feel of it :) Since you just bought those pretty new panels though, will you go black or dark underneath then? if so, maybe some light weight scarves or napkins in a similar color in the diamond pattern on top of the silk to show the jewelry off? I guess you'll have to try out your new panels and see how you feel about the look first, then decide if you want to change or play with it more ;) either way, excellent find on those panels :) I think they'll be great for your both, no matter the set up!


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