Thrifting Thursday 1/24/13 A Cache of Good Stuff

I  I had a conversation with my Mom and Dad a few weeks ago, in which part of the topic revolved around my TTE Designs. I told my folks how I was making 'assemblage' pieces and that one had been accepted to Bead Trends magazine for June of 2013.
My parents are collectors of all sorts of things and so my mom scrounged around and found some items in need of a new home. Look what was in the box!
A huge cache of buttons old and new
Trifari, my guess is 1980's

I'm thinking brass, not sure if the elephants are resin or bone
Another elephant motif item

I believe these are glass as they are peeling and a bit discolored. The clasp has the word JAPAN stamped into it
This piece belonged to my Aunt Dorothy and although the clasp is broken I am not going to disassemble this one.
Modern art  looking set, earring missing
Classic brooch

Button bracelet, a good idea that needs to be improved upon
Not sure what these were for, but they are cool
The rest of it

I also received a great big stack of vintage handkerchiefs from the estate of my Aunt Dorothy. Not sure what I could do with these yet, but I love the embroidery and the idea of more genteel times when a lady always carried a handkerchief.Thanks for stopping by today on my tour of goodies.  I will post my creations in the future. Now go check out those drawers and attics for your own treasures!


  1. No idea how wide they are, but is there any chance that the items across from the button bracelet are curtain tiebacks? They would have gone around the top decorateive curtain and the loops put on a hook into the wall to pull the curtain back to let in light when desired, and taken off the hook when privacy was desired. Just a thought....

  2. Lucky you! Those hand-stitched hankies are especially cool... some have a very modern design it seems; your Aunt must have enjoyed contemporary styles as well. Sadly, a lot of Mum's little embroidered treasures went AWOL when my Dad remarried many years ago and they "cleaned house" :(

  3. Isn't it amazing what are families have squirreled away!? I had a similar experience when I showed my grandmother a necklace I had made with a skeleton key and she came back into the room later with a tin FULL of old keys. She couldn't explain why she's been saving them for so many years, but I was happy she had.


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