Monday Monday... 1/7/13

Today is the day!

I know that the new year started a week ago, but I haven't felt that 'fresh start' feeling quite yet.
Today I will try to get the last of the Christmas decorations down and tomorrow boxed up, and try and get my TTE creating routine back in shape.
I love the holidays and the relaxing, carefree schedule they bring. However, I am a creature who needs a sense of schedule and order to be most productive.  I know my weaknesses and one of them is how easy it is for me to waste time.  This is the year of PERSEVERANCE and therefore I must persevere!

Over the last couple of weeks I have joined and registered for a couple of groups.
Grab button for Aspire to WIRE
1. Aspire to Wire with Kerry Bogert- looking forward to 30 days of 30 projects. I need to improve my wire techniques and since I can't just jet off to a conference somewhere this *e-course* will be the next best thing.   I will post some of my progress along the way, maybe even the mistakes :-)  I believe registration is open until next Monday if you are interested.

2. Year of Jewelry-  hosted by Dianne Baron. This Face Book group has 52 themes, one for each week of 2013. The goal is to create and post a 'piece of the week'.  Last week was the first and the theme was "Renewal".  I hadn't made much jewelry lately that wasn't a specific order or request so I felt 'renewed' & invigorated by creating "Tequila Sunrise". The colors reminded me of the sunsets off Cozumel , Mexico when we went on a family reunion cruise 2 years ago.

3. Additionally, I found out a few days ago that another submission of mine has been accepted by Bead Trends magazine. That makes one for May 2013 and one for June 2013. I am so tickled at the prospect of being published and hope that this recognition helps further my TTE efforts in the coming year. I will keep you posted when those issues are out.

4. Polyvore-  This is a fashion marketing tool I recently started playing with. I enjoy styling my pieces with lovely clothes [and not worrying about having to "fit" into anything] and seeing how great different items looks in different ensembles.  Watch the blog for a least one or two weekly Polyvore posts featuring new creations.  The other nice part of this is that I am starting to see some URL traffic on Art Fire and Etsy from people who have seen my items on Polyvore and followed the link to see my shops.

Nautical Holiday Featuring TTE Designs

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my updates.  Time to stop slacking on the computer... It's off to work......
Warm Regards,


  1. Congrats on having two submissions to Bead Trends...

  2. Firstly I'm thrilled to hear of your latest publishing success, Tammie... you must indeed be proud! I've been enjoying your Polyvore designs so much, and I'm pleased you plan on continuing, and that they are driving traffic to your shops. I've heard great things about Polyvore (but unfortunately that it can be extremely ADDICTIVE... bad news for me LOL.)


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