Thrifting Thursday 1/17/13

Welcome to TTE Thrifting Thursday. 
Today I am showing off a recent creation using thrifted watch parts, charms, beads and old skate key all set in an open back bezel and filled with resin. It's fun pulling apart an old broken watch to see all the tiny gears inside. Do be careful of the mainspring, I found out the hard way that they can be quite sharp!
I added the bail after the fact to make it a pendant, but as of yet, I have not made this into a finished piece. Some in the business call this look 'Steam Punk' but I like to think of it more as a 'vintage assemblage' look.
I have used jewelry resin in projects before, but this was my first experiment with 'Gel de Sol' resin.
Over all this was successful. This product is pricey and smells pretty strong, but it does work very quickly in small batches. However I think in the future I would just use it for surface touch ups in regular resin projects. 
 A pic showing size comparison.
 Even the back looks pretty cool.
Thanks for stopping by, check out next weeks post where I show you a big thrifty vintage stash my parents just sent me.


  1. That is stunning! Makes me want to try resin, not that I need another thing to do, lol.

  2. So cool! I like to take apart watches too, but always seem to end up with newer ones that don't have all the fancy cog parts. I like the way you brought this together. Thanks for the review of the resin. Good to know.


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