Thrifty Thursday-9/6/12

 Welcome to another installment of 'Thrifty Thursday'. This week I will share how a belt became a pendant. I bought this a few weeks ago at my favorite charity shop to potentially use in the thrift store blog hop. It's listed at 1.98 but it was 1/2 off Tuesday so I got it for 99cents. 
I initially bought it thinking I was going to make some cuff style bracelets from it (and I still may). I took off the buckle and attempted to deconstruct it, but realized that it wasn't a solid ring and so left it intact and set it aside.  Last Friday I participated in a de-stash event and while searching through my beads came across these 4 'pandora' style beads I bought ages ago.  After some fiddling I got the teeth of the buckle to move and managed to force the beads on. I then copper wire wrapped it for interest, to make a bail and also to hold everything securely.  It's funky and actually fairly heavy, but I like the way it turned out.  Just goes to show that old objects can have new life. :-)


  1. My boys have alot of belts where the teeth have broken off.. This is a great idea... maybe even for a bracelet???

  2. Oh, man, TOTALLY stealing this idea! LoveloveLOVE it!

  3. Love this! Great use of your thrift store find!


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