Creative Chaos Challenge

Earlier this summer I signed up for the 'Creative Chaos' Challenge hosted by Sandra McGriff AKA Skye.
By signing up I agreed to take on the task of making something out of the items I was sent.
 There were four bags and you must use something from each bag.
1. Brass hardware fixture & feathers
2. Polyester cording & fuzzy yarn
3. Coconut shell, round wood & square-ish beads
4. Leather button, die, vintage ivory colored buttons.
Bag 1- I knew the feathers were not going to work for me.
I liked the hardware piece a lot. I decided to do some alterations to make it a flat surface and to give it some connectors. [In this photo you can see I started before I realized I hadn't taken a 'before' pic- ooops]
I filled in the hardware with some scrap polymer clay and made 2 connectors from antique tone bronze wire. Baked and lightly sanded to give a good flat surface. It was then that a theme came to mind... I decided that 
my designs were loosely inspired by the book 
Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.
If someone was shipwrecked for many years they would utilize what was available around them to create. So I began to envision what parts of this pendant might have been....
Bag 2- I was initially drawn to the fuzzy yarn, but it was too short. I ended up 'dyeing' the polyester cord with alcohol inks to achieve an aged look. 
Bag 3- As you can see I used both a piece of coconut husk and the wooden rectangle bead as components
Bag 4- The leather button fell right into place as my theme developed.
I used Mod Podge to adhere some scrapbook paper decorated with handwriting script to the hardware focal.  I used E6000 to attach the shells and glass to the  focal near the bottom. Wired and attached the dangle shells and wood. Strung the cord through my connector and ...VOLIA' ~ "Crusoe's Treasure"

I would like to Thank Sandra for an interesting challenge. I certainly stepped outside the box and into some Creative Chaos!     

I appreciate you stopping by.  I welcome you as a friend & would greatly appreciate it if you would consider becoming a blog follower too.

This is a blog hop ~ Please stop by the other blog participants listed below and see what they created from the same components.

Have a great weekend~
Warm Regards,  Tammie

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  1. Wow - way to go! I am totally impressed with the piece you came up with!

  2. This is so imaginative! Love it! I'd like to see a full pic of the necklace

  3. OMG .. that is AWESOME! I love how that turns out! I also think you're the first person to make use of the rule about 'being free to alter the items' lol

  4. Brilliant to go with Robinson Crusoe!! I'm just blown away by the jewelry creations in this blog hop! Love the materials - shell, love letter, wood, sea glass... cool and beautiful ocean jewelry!


  5. Woohoo! Well done! I'm loving seeing how everyone thought out of the box on this blog hop :)

  6. Well done! I love that you made one piece from all 4 bags. Beautiful!

  7. Wow Tammie. I LOVE it...resourceful and beautiful too! Really nice!

  8. They don't even look like the pieces I got anymore. I'm so very impressed!!

  9. i love this piece. and can totally see the robinson crusoe inspiration :)

  10. This is the first time I've heard of this hop and I'm definitely intrigued! Your creation from those ingredients is pretty stinkin' awesome. I love the way you altered that hardware piece. Very cool!

  11. What a beautiful piece! I love how you altered the brass piece, and used pieces from all 4 bags!


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