Pinterest Monday ~ Things I'd Like to Make

Welcome back to "Pinterest Monday" where I share things I've pinned and things I hope might interest you too.  Today's topic is a board I call "Things I'd Like to Make". There are so many cool crafty ideas on Pinterest that you can't help but pin a few.  Below are some of my recent favorites. Thanks for stopping by~

Baking pans spray painted with chalkboard paint & they are magnetic... Sooo stinkin cute and inexpensive gift.
Cookie sheet spray painted with chalkboard paint as a message board
cheap plastic beads, thin layer in pan. 400 degrees for about 20 min. When cool just invert, fall right out >> Pretty and easy! 
Sun catcher made from cheap plastic beads melted in a pie plate
jewelry organizer by liza
Jewelry display from an old picture frame

wine bottle lamps
Christmas lights inside your favorite wine bottle
How to monogram (dollar store) glasses. So easy to do!
Etch your own dollar store glasses [ LOVE this]

GENIUS!   Originally a plastic, Dawn handsoap bottle.  Bronze spray paint and a monogram sticker=expensive look 
Spray paint the ugly dish soap bottle and add a monogram sticker

Cut the bottoms off wine bottles to use for candle covers! How cool looking- and keeps the wind from blowing them out!
Cut the bottom off wine bottles and use as a hurricane lamp


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