Thrifty Thursday 9/27/12

 It's craft show time. The past couple of weeks I have been obsessed focused on getting my show display organized. It's been quite an evolution ( see my other posts below) but I ended up with 2 burlap and batting coved foam core boards to show my pendants on.
 I needed some easels and was 2 seeking floor size models. Nice looking easels are not cheap and I have been scouring thrift shops for weeks, so when I stumbled upon easels at 'Garden Ridge' last week I was pleased to find they had some at 75% off.
I wasn't thrilled with the motif or the color, but the price was right at just $3.74 each.  I decided to keep the receipt & the tags and try it out. If it was an epic fail I would return them.

I am happy to say that my set up looked good...... and did the trick as I had a GREAT day $$.

So I decided to keep the easels, BUT that color scheme had to go.  It's hard to tell from the 'before' pic but it's sort of a multi-color, rustic, gothic, tacky look.
Off to the hardware store and I bought some Krylon spray paint in 'Oil Rubbed Bronze'.  A few light coats on this beautiful autumn day and VOILA'!
fugly before shot
fugly close-

Tacky becomes classy...just like that!
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Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely Thursday. ~ Tammie


  1. Sweet! The new coloring really brings them out. Shame the display boards cover up alot of their beauty, but then HEY They are serving the purpose - SALES! Congrats!

  2. I love them, Tammie... and you are so clever you will probably find another use for them as well. They helped make your display SO professional, and I'm sure that contributed to your sales result. Well done!

  3. They ARE very have a real talent Tammie..I enjoy reading your blogs and seeing all your great finds and ideas.

  4. What a great find... Glad you were able to get the sales :)


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