Thrifty Thursday 9/13/12

Hello, Welcome & Thanks for stopping by... Today I am going to discuss the evolution of my 'thrifty' display fixture.

About 18 months ago, I decided to start doing craft shows.
I needed some way to display my things and so searched google for display images and began brainstorming. Lots of pictures of peg board and huge shutters had me thinking. A few days later my neighbors left these great crib walls out for the trash.  Under cover of darkness [so my husband wouldn't die of shame] I rescued them.

DH helped me hinge them together and I drilled pilot holes and added cup hooks and a piece of foam core with my shop name.   This worked fine for a while but I still felt like it wasn't showing my merchandise as well as it could.

After a couple more shows I added the second full wall to the original set up.

At my last show I placed the fixture up on a table.... better.... but still not really doing it for me.
It's too "see through".... the pieces are lost.

So back to the drawing board~ I have been checking out Pinterest a lot lately and saw many picture frames using screen, chicken wire or burlap. I decided to integrate that into my display. I would also like something that allows me quick and easy assembly on show days, so I don't spend hours setting up.

I hit the Dollar Tree for 4 sheets of foam core and a roll of duct tape, moved next door to Hancock Fabrics for a length of batting and some white burlap (Both on sale! Score!)
I stopped at Home Depot and bought a length of industrial strength Velcro strips.

First, I removed all the cup hooks. Then after ironing the fabric I covered the foam core with batting and burlap, taping it first with clear packing tape and then 'tightening' it with the duct tape.

I cut the Velcro into 8, 6 inch sections and put the hook side on the walls and the loop side on my boards.
I found some metal curtain hooks at the thrift store for $1.

I recently ordered some new vertical business cards. I plan to punch holes in them and use these on the hooks to hang my pendants and sets.
This way I can hopefully just 'stick' the preloaded boards on the rack for show set up.

I am also thinking about nailing in some clear push pins along the top of the boards on the right side to hang some heavier items. I have come up with a card stock loop to which I will attach to my new business cards. I can punch a bigger hole and  then hang a whole beaded set from it.

I am awaiting my new cards any day, so I will post a follow-up picture of my completed set up soon.
My first show of the season is 9/22.  I hope my work pays off with a professional looking and quick set up.
Thanks for taking the time to read here today, comments are always appreciated :-)


  1. Very creative idea! Hope it works well for you. It always takes a trial run for me. I found a wicker three fold screen at the thrift store for a few dollars. It is great if the wind isn't blowing!

  2. It is wonderful that you have been able to adapt your "baby" as your needs changed. Sign of a positive thinker and creative gal, Tammie!

  3. Love it. I have done shows and believe "see through" displays don't work well. You have done a great job correcting that. I can't wait to see your pieces on display.

  4. Great reimagining of your display! I like the boards now that will show of your jewelry and allow for easy transport. My garage is quickly looking like a garage sale exploded in it and I am sure my DH is a bit mortified by it all. But I have a plan. And you know that you can't stop a woman with a plan. ;-)
    Good luck with the show!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. This is very creative! I love that the boards are kind of cushioned, makes it look so much better. Can't wait to see the complete setup :)

  6. Great ideas, all the way along! I doubt I would have had the vision to pick up the crib slats in the first place! I love what you've done every step of the way!


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