Thrifty Thursday - 9/20/12 Evolution of my Display II

 It's craft show season and I have been 'thriftily' trying to rework my display without spending too much $$$. I pride myself on 'reduce, reuse, recycle' and being able to squeeze a dollar till it squeaks.  I also want things to look nice and professional and be quick and easy to set up.
  Last week I discussed the re-pourposed crib walls with padded boards that have become the focal of my display set up.

I spent some time this week doing a mock set up of my revamped display for my 1st of 4 shows this fall. I took a few blurry pictures and enlisted the opinions of some more seasoned artisans from the 'Creative Bead Chat' Face Book group.  With their suggestions and that of my neighbor who was surprised to see a 'shop' in my garage, I have a basic plan.
I labeled a few things that I thought were 'thrifty ideas' I found 2 frames at the charity shop for $3 each and covered the insert with batting and white burlap. The old cigar box from my father in law holds packaged earrings, the mirror from my DD's old play set, bargain bin curtain panels in black and various white table cloths I've used over the years. Lots of cardboard and foam core board, covered in burlap and faux suede and to support my TTE banner. You get the idea.
The picture on the left shows a rattan shelf [$13] from the thrift store displaying my Polymer clay items. The picture on the right shows a temporary solution for Saturday. Two folding chairs (with arm rests) covered in another of my tablecloths. These are holding my domino pendants and polymer clay pendant set. I plan to buy a couple of easels for this in the future, but $ and time are tight at the moment.

Thanks for following along today with my stream of consciousness blog post. I will report back after this weekends test drive.


  1. Very nice set up! I am trying to figure out what I am going to do for an upcoming show. The situation is a bit unique. I will be on a pavilion, beach side, on a pier! I need to be prepared for WIND. Any suggestions?


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