Thrifting Thursday

  I have been looking for some new booth 'fixtures' for my upcoming craft fairs this fall. 
Last year was my first try at participating in shows. I had no idea what I was doing and I was trying to be frugal because I was not sure this was really going to become a real enterprise for me. 

  A couple of weeks ago I came upon this etagere' at my favorite charity shop and with my '50% off Tuesday' e-coupon it was only $12.  
I plan to use this in conjunction with my 2 long tables. I also bought some large used wooden picture frames that I plan to stretch white burlap in as a way to hang pendants and earrings.  I want a rustic but elegant look for my booth. Not to mention easy to set up and take down.  

 I am searching the Facebook groups I follow and also  Flickr' and Pinterest for beautiful, frugal and simple  display ideas.  The colors I have been using are white, black, khaki and then various 'wood tones' like this unit, baskets, wooden trays, etc.  

I'd love to know what works for you in your booth...

~ Thanks for dropping by.


  1. All I can say is..." Dang, why didn't I beat Tammie to that store!!" I am really interested in seeing how you end up - be sure to followup! Shelley

  2. Lightweight to move and looks pretty and hugs Tanya


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