Thrifting Thursday

Hello & Welcome to another addition of 'Thrifting Thursday'. 
I do enjoy thrifting, the thrill of the find so to speak. I actually do most of my thrift store shopping on Tuesdays because my fav shop has text coupons for 50% off on that day, really how can you beat the price?? Plus "Thrifting Tuesday"as a blog post just doesn't have as nice a ring to it. 
Here's what I got on my two most recent visits.  I will certainly break down and re-use all those metal coins and the brass focal, my mind is working on the possibilities as I write this. As for all the 'bits' those just seemed too good to pass up even though I haven't a clue what I will do with some of them.  The ones that I really mulled over buying were the 'bolo tie findings' (and the pin backs) but really for 25 cents apiece I figured maybe I can use them in an unconventional way. The total for this haul... less than $5!  Please check in this weekend as I participate in the "Thrift Store Blog Hop" hosted by Sarah Goode aka  Happy Thursday!


  1. Nice loot! I need to find a thrift store :)

  2. Uh I want to go with you to this store! Cool and cheap, what a combo!

  3. I will be back to check out more of your blog when the BSBP is over. I love thrifting too and am excited to see that there are more people who blog about it. Will love to see everyone's finds and what they do with them - inspiration!


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