Beads for Blogging~ The Finale'

Today is my final post regarding the "Beads for Blogging" I received from 
Tanya Ozanne of Fusion Muse in Bangkok Thailand. 
In the upper left you see a recap if what I received. I have to say these items stretched me quite a bit as they sat for several days on my work bench while I thought about how to use them.  
1. Let's start with the Japa Mala beads. I googled Japa Mala and found they are a type of prayer bead. As I held them in my hand I realized I had 10. Perfect for a rosary bracelet! A way to honor their intention but with my own religious tradition. I envisioned memory wire but having none, improvised.  I didn't have a crucifix in gold to coordinate but this gold tone cross will fit the bill. 
2. A spool of lovely brass wire was perfect for a birds nest pendant. I have been making quite a few of these lately and thought the gold of the brass went well with some amethyst colored glass rounds I had. 3. The green glass pearls. These coordinated well with some Mother of Pearl coins and emerald green facet crystals I had on hand. The three strand floral gunmetal clasp gives a bit of a Gothic feel to the set. Of course I made earrings to match. ( I'm big on having something to match) 
4. All those gem chips.... Well the green ended up as earrings which I quite like, the white ones in the bracelet, remind me too much of a baby bracelet. I will probably take that apart :-(
5. I loved those faceted teardrops. The were so pretty. I pulled out a book on wire wrapping I bought recently and with a few trail and errors managed to briolet wrap them into something I would actually wear as a pendant.

6. I had a few leftover bits. Which I made into some lace like earrings using the brass findings and a few beads from my stash.    The only thing that stumped my were those baby blue vintage barrels. I still have them  sitting on my table...
Thanks to Tanya for the opportunity and challenge of Beads for Blogging. 
It was great fun to receive a package from Thailand and to learn something new in the process.
If you would be interested in trying this challenge for yourself check out her blog at
Lacy earrings

rosary bracelet

birds nest
gem chip earrings

Gothic Green set

pretty pendants


  1. Delightful array of pieces.It is so wonderful to see what others do and I am inspired no end.Love and hugs Tanya

  2. Love what you've done! I like how you've managed to make so many things in different styles. Good job on wrapping those brios too.

  3. Tanya has some amazing pretties, and her willingness to share is fantastic. You certainly have done her and yourself proud in this "mini collection". Congrats.

  4. love the wire wrap on the drops! beautiful. check out my blog also when you get a chance.


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