Pinterest Monday + One

If you know our family, you know it's no secret that our favorite breed of dog is the Boxer. I have a board on my Pinterest dedicated to their silly antics and sweet faces. Boxers have personality to spare which is one of the reasons I love them.
Below are some of my favorite Pinterest pics, showing just how kooky they can be.   Lastly I included a photo of my two favorite girls~ DD & our little Dixie~

*gasp*  i want :3
oh my... XDHiupside down :)aww<3in the breeze! :D


  1. Oh my yes, I too love Boxers. We took on our sons older one and had him a couple years before he passed on. We were around him his whole life though and he was a character. He snored so loud but now that is what we miss the most! Every time I see a boxer I just want to hug them. They really steal your heart!


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