Polymer Clay Collective~ Color Challenge

Hello Polymer Friends~
As a member of the Face Book group Polymer Clay Collective our administrator Jeannie Dukic challenged us to create something that uses the colors in the palette below.

For me the choice was easy 'Extra White', 'Passive' & 'Black Swan' would make a lovely Mokume Gane fusion. I love Mokume Gane, it is hands down my favorite Polymer clay technique. I think the best part for me is the thrill of the slicing... to see what you were able to achieve. Sometimes the 'mistakes' turn out to be the best parts!  If you are new to this technique check out a breif description and tutorial at Polyform Products ( http://www.sculpey.com/how-tos/techniques/mokume-gane

This pendant set is simple and elegant and yet makes a bold statement.  I am very fond of using neck wires to display my work, I think it puts the focus on the art rather than on what supports it on the wearer.

Thanks for stopping by. Thank you to Jeannie for hosting. Her link is below the photo if you'd like to see the original source of this hop and it's palette.

I always appreciate new friends, if you would consider becoming a blog follower I would gladly return the favor. At 75 followers I plan to have another giveaway.  
Have a great Friday :-)
~Warm Regards,


  1. I love what you did with this color challenge! Very elegant! I agree with using the wire to show off the art beads!

  2. Oh we used two of the same colors in our challene pieces. These are delish, I love the look of Mokume Gane and it looks like you have it mastered. I too love the "thrill of the slice." Thanks for doing the challenge and sharing it with. I'm became a follower.

  3. I love the pieces you created! That shimmery silver is fantastic! Mokume Gane you say? Beautiful results. Thank you for sharing the tutorial ... I definitely plan in giving this a try.

  4. There is no wrong way with mouse... Wait unless you loose all your contrast ... But then I just call it subtle. Anyways this is beautiful mokume! I hear you on the neck wires too. I had these cool ones that were five strand, so nice BUT my customers would wine at the clasp... It was nice and narrow but you had to twist it just right to catch and well 3 seconds of patience for some and it's perfect, but then there were those who physically couldn't do it :( so sadly I had to retire those


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