For Monday~ A 'Pinterest' Fairy Tale

A few of my favorite Pinterest pins to illustrate a funny fairy tail about my life....

In my late twenties I moved to Pensacola FL to go to nursing school.

Pensacola is known as the cradle of Naval Aviation

I met a great guy who was training to be a helicopter pilot

He promised love, devotion and the finer things in life

We were blessed with a loving family.

We have had a wonderful life traveling the country and the world.
Someday, we will move one last time and live in our 'forever house'

Sounds just perfect to me~


  1. Thank you, both. Him for his Service and you for your support of him. It's tough (not personal knowledge but empathetic knowledge and having friends in the Service) and you seem to be carrying it off with grace and style. Amazing people, both of you. Please let him know there's someone in California who appreciates both of your choices.


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