Ten Facts About Me 1/9/17

Hello Friends~ 
  As I recommit to blogging more regularly in 2017 I decided to use a '30 Day Blog Challenge' list as a prompting tool. The second entry according to the list is "10 Facts About Me".  So, if you are a regular reader let's see if there's something new you didn't know and if you are new to the blog, welcome! 

Hi Friends
Today's blogging prompt is 10 Facts About Me.  Without further ado....

Me, scrunching... and still towering over people

#1  I am 6'3" [No, I don't play basketball, I did in HS, but that was 1,000 years ago]

#2  I am a US Navy wife. [23 years and counting, a tough gig, but he's worth it!]

#3  I am a mom to 2 young adults. [ I always wanted to be a mom, I'm blessed I got the chance to be]

#4  I LOVE dogs.  [Sometimes they are a pain, but I can't imagine not having my buddies around]

#5  I've moved a lot [Some are KS, IL, OK, TX, NCx2, SC, NC, VA, FL, CA, VAx2, Guam, VAx2, FL]
#6  I've traveled to  Canada, Mexico, England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Japan, Australia

#7  I love being creative and artsy. [It's a hobby that took on a life of it's own!]

#8  I'm Christian and a convert to Catholicism. [ Not always easy, but the right path for me]

#9  I'm crazy about historical biographies and fictional period dramas. [My husband says 'Not another book about the wives of Henry the 8th']

#10 I'm tickled to death that people actually read this blog and follow me at my online venues!
Thanks so much!

Have a great week~
Warm Regards,  


  1. Somehow I had no idea you were that tall. Not that it matters, but you're over a foot taller than shorty me! ;) Ha!! Great learning a little more about you!


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