Charity Wall Cross Project + Thrifting Thursday 1/26/2017

Hello Friends~~~~ Welcome to another installment of Thrifting Thursday Plus! Before I start on the thrifting portion I would like to tell you about my annual charity cross project. For the last few years I have sponsored a drive during Lent and Advent in which I create wall crosses [and beaded rosaries] and donate all the proceeds [minus S/H] to Food for the Poor. This very worthy, non-denominational charity, established in 1982 does amazing work. Over 95% of the money donated goes directly to the most needy.  
If you are interested in supporting my endeavor, check out my FB album page: 2017 Charity Cross ProjecTo learn more about Food for the Poor go here:

Now on to the Thrifting.....
This past week I was out and about and checked out the Halifax Hospital Charity Shop. Here I found a pretty Wedgewood ashtray for just $4! I don't smoke, so I will use it as a ring dish on my dresser to compliment a Wedgewood heart shaped box I got overseas years ago. I also found a wrought iron necklace tree for just $2. I will use this in my show displays. It will be great for displaying the long necklaces I have in extra stock. 

You may know by now that on Tuesdays I volunteer at my church's thrift shop. Our Lady of Hope Thrift shop supports all kinds of good works in our community. It's been a nice way to meet people too. One bonus is seeing 'new' items as they come in.  I spotted this $1 tall cobalt blue bottle from Spain and thought with some washing it would be a great addition to my cobalt glass collection seen below. What do you think??

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you like my finds and I also hope you will look into Food for the Poor. If you aren't interested in a wall cross, please consider making a direct donation of your own.
Have a wonderful week! 
Warm Regards,


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