Five Things I Can't Live Without 1/30/17

Hello Friends~ 
  As I recommit to blogging more regularly in 2017 I decided to use a '30 Day Blog Challenge' list as a prompting tool. The next entry according to the list is "Five Things I Can't Live Without".  So, if you are a regular reader let's see if there's something new you didn't know and if you are new to the blog, welcome! 

Good Morning Friends

Hmm... This will be a short post to actually write but will take quite a while to think about and  narrow down to just five things.

1. My Faith- I struggle everyday to be a faithful Christian, most of the time I fall short. Thankfully God forgives me and lets me start again fresh, every single day.

                   2.My Family- I couldn't do what I do or be who I am without the foundation of my family, my husband, my kids, my parents, my relatives and even my doggies. 

3. A hot beverage in the morningI am not really a morning person. Knowing that there is a hot cuppa [mostly coffee with french vanilla or sometimes chai tea] waiting for me makes it possible to get out of bed!

4. Making art- Creating has become such a huge part of my life and activity. On the days [or sometimes weeks] that I can't play in my studio I get pretty bummed out. However, just a couple hours 'at work' and I feel great again. 

5. My Apple products - Like most people today I am pretty tied to my electronics. Between my iPhone5S, Ipad mini and Mac computer, I am definitely wired in. The majority of my business is transacted via technology and since most of my family and friends live far from me it's the way I keep connected. A necessary evil you might say. 


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