Pinterest Monday 11-18-13 Thanksgiving Thoughts

We will be traveling , "over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go..."  But if we were staying I would definitely incorporate some of these ideas into my table and home.  Enjoy~

A cute Thanksgiving decorationTis The Season To Be Thankful - Thanksgiving Decor
Thanksgiving Decorations | Diary of a Fit Mommy: The BEST #thanksgivingdecor
Bittersweet...favorite decoration to use in the Fall...
I love bittersweet, growing up in the midwest as a child, this is a sure sign of fall to me.

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas


  1. Beautiful pins, Tammie! Here in Canada we do it backwards (Thanksgiving BEFORE Remembrance/Veterans Day)... I could never figure out if it is our earlier harvest or we need those extra 6 weeks to get ready for Christmas LOL.

  2. what a lovely post! I have very fond memories of a Thanksgiving spent in rural Tennessee when I was on a teacher exchange from Wales, UK in '96. I had never eaten some of the foods we had and enjoyed experiencing the tradition

  3. Man - these are gorgeous pictures, definitely inspiring! LOVE the idea of using popcorn as filler for the candles...I think even I can do that one! Safe travels to you over the Holiday!


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