Thrifting Thursday 11-7-13 Improving my Show Display in a Thrifty Way

Hello Thrifty Friends,  
Lately I have been lamenting my craft show display.                

I know I have W-A-Y **too** much inventory coupled with a deep seated fear that not putting it all out on view will cost me a sale.  But clutter bug that I am, even I recognize that it's too chaotic and it probably hindering things.

I recently polled my peers at the SRAJD [Self Representing Artists in Jewelry Design] FB page and asked for some sage advice.  
They offered me a ton of great suggestions, many of which I took to heart.
The subject of height/shelving came up and so I set my thrifty brain to work.
Last summer I purchased this rattan etagere' at my local charity shop for $15.   I used it a few times for my foray into polymer on glassware but it was a bit wobbly for glasses and so into the back of the garage it went.  

Earlier this week, while setting up a 'mock display' [do you do that before a show??]  to try and get a handle some of my display chaos I spied the shelf in the corner and popped it up on the table.  I like the height and the focal effect ~but the color didn't really work for me.   I have the table coverings reversed in the pic below... just trying it out... didn't like it.

Not any where near the way it will be... I take a lot of pics as I play with my set up, just wanted to show the shelf on the table....

Well, if you know me, you know that I believe in the power of spray paint.  Most anything can be fixed with patience and a couple of cans of color.
I like the effect so far, this picture is after two coats, but I think this needs at least one more.

I think my linen look busts look nice against the darker background.

So, I know this post is not too exciting but it's a busy time of year and I have a garage full of display stuff to edit.

I have a small show on Thursday [today]~
There are no fees, so it's just my time and it's a chance to test my new "edited" pics of the most recent reincarnation will be forthcoming.

Have a great week!
Warm Regards,

Here is a shot of today's set up. I think it's much better, although I know it could stand a bit more tweaking, for now I'm happy with it.   :-D


  1. What a great addition to your display, Tammie... having a variety of levels helps slow down the roving eye of the shopper!

  2. I really like the darker color. And the levels will be good. Excellent re-use idea. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to have everything out because that necklace in the bin under that table is exactly what that last customer wanted but didn't get to see. But design-wise, less is more. Booth design is hard because your work evolves over time and your venues change with every show. They're all different. Check out what Betsy Baker does maybe? She does a lot of shows.

  3. Love the new addition to your display. That color will work great with your easels to show off your jewelry. Do you put a mirror in your displays? I bought an antique one this summer and have been putting it on an easel but it does take up lots of room. Good luck at your shows.

  4. Fabulous set-up. I have some shelving that I use but I like the idea of the wicker!

  5. Tammie, your display looks so well-thought out and professional! I think the shelves and height adds a lot of interest to the overal display. I hope your show today went well! :-)

  6. I really love how the spray paint just brought out the busts. Your display is amazing. Good luck at the show.

  7. I love how the spray paint just made the busts pop out more. The idea of many levels to display your pieces is great. Definitely would keep me at your booth alot longer. Good luck at the show.


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