Thankful Thursday

THANKFUL... That 8 letter word encompasses feelings, emotions, wishes and dreams. 
  Blessed to have my whole family with me today at my parents house in Alabama. 
  My son is here from his first semester at University of Alabama. He has grown up so much since August, it's great to spend time with him, if only for a couple days. He'll be home for Christmas in just two weeks :-)
  I enjoy spending time with my brother, sister in law and my two darling nieces.  They live near Atlanta and we don't see them often enough. 
  Today also happens to be my mom's 73rd birthday. I hope she doesn't mind a pie with candles :-)  I made her a beautiful long Picasso jasper and copper necklace and earrings set from a grade A+ strand I'd been hoarding for quite awhile. She really seems to like it. I'm glad. 
  My daughter is healing from a very bad cold. Hard to be sick over the holidays, she's been a trooper for sure. A twelve hour car ride when you're sick is no picnic. 
The food was great. We fried the turkeys this year, which IMHO is the best way to go. Everything else was pretty traditional and very delicious. 
  All in all a picture perfect day. 
Call me blessed and Thankful. 
Wishing you all the best 
Warmest Regards to you and yours,


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