Thrifting Thursday 11-14-13~ I Had Nothing to Share Until....

Greetings My Thrifty Friends~
I confess, I had nothing to share this week.  
It's show season, and that coupled with the boring daily activities of life had prevented me from going out thrifting as much as I would like to.  

But today as luck would have it, my beasts needed their crazy specialty dog food which is on the other side of town, coincidentally near a DAV thrift shop.  I needed some more tins, as I have been re-purposing like a wild woman lately and since I had gotten some good ones there previously, I swung in.  

I did find some tins, in nice colors and patterns and for a song I might add. I also ran across a mug tree which I will clean up and use to hold bangle bracelets.  This week they were featuring a military discount which was a nice surprise, total for these things- under $3 = awesome. 

However, why am I so excited as I write this is?  Because, I also stumbled upon this crazy little vintage 'suitcase'?    It's top is angled downward and inside it has some metal brackets screwed in the base. Is it a typewriter case??  Regardless, it was now destined to be mine.  I see antique cases all over Pinterest and many of the vintage-y blogs I follow and I must say I have been coveting them. The lady who walked up behind me was visibly disappointed as I put it in my cart....
It's a little worn and definitely unconventional but I like to say that's character.

 I plan to clean it up, remove those brackets and use it as a show display piece for some of my more 'vintage' looking pieces, like my assemblages.  

So, do you have any thoughts or ideas on what this was originally? I does say Simco and  Made in Canada on it.  So now are you wondering what this quirky little gem set me back?  I know you are.... It was $10, but wait, remember that military discount?  20% off for a total of $8!  A steal!
 So, if you have an ideas what this was for originally I'd love to know.  Thanks for letting me babble. Now I am back to work for my next event on Saturday.   Have a great rest of your week!  :-D
Warm Regards,

Update:   I couldn't let it go.... and so I was searching Google this morning for Simco.  It appears to be a 1952 Singer sewing machine case, which now that I know that makes total sense about this trapezoid shaped case. :-D
1952 sewing machine ad
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  1. Girl, I would so love to go thrifting with you! What a great find. I was really thinking typewriter, I love that you found what it was from. Krystal Wick had a cute little mini case on her Cafe video that she screwed cup hooks into one edge, to hang necklaces. The bonus was that you just close it up, and it travels to and from shows, ready to set up.

  2. Ooh, I was thinking a record player case. Or some really cool scientific equipment. I'm jealous of the things you're finding. So cool.


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