Pinterest Monday 11-11-13 Veteran's Day

I want to send a big THANK YOU >>>to my husband, and many of our family members and most of our friends for your military service.  It's not an easy job or lifestyle, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
In honor of Veteran's Day I present a patriotic Pinterest Monday.
Patriotic Thank You Veterans Day Fourth of July vintage patriotic postcard with the United States flag behind the Sons of Veterans emblem, surrounded by a wreath of laurel and the words, “The flag of our country forever!” It is beautiful statement of pride in America.posterpatrioticKeep 'Em Flying   Artist: Bettina Steinke   Date: 1942   Medium: Oil on Illustration Board   Dimensions: Sight size 24" x 32" Framed 29" x 37"   Condition: Good   Original Use: Patriotic WWII Art for Government Poster    Price: $3850.00US NavyAmerican  WW2Captain America by Frank Miller, 1984.VintageAmerican flag


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