Bee on Time....

Hello Crafty Reader,
I enjoy reading blogs. I have learned so much and been inspired in many ways.  
In fact I think my blog roll has well over 100 that I follow regularly.  

One of the most informative is called Resin Crafts by Carmi Cimicata, an artist from Ontario Canada. She is also a spokesperson for ETI [Environmental Technology Inc] a resin product company.
Carmi demonstrates all sorts of ways to use resin and resin clays. I have learned quite a bit from reading her posts for the last year or so.
Recently, she put out a call to her readers asking who would like to participate in a special project called 
This giant group project is over 100 artists strong and features a cool base metal watch bezel as its starting point.  As you can see by the letter in my photo below, the finished pieces will be displayed at the annual Craft and Hobby Association Conference and Trade Show aka CHA this coming January 2014 in Anaheim California.

 The bezel I received was nice and heavy, with a deep curved base, nice details and in an antique bronze type finish.  
For my resin design to work as I envisioned, I needed a flat base and I wanted to add a pop of color so I chose to fill in my bezel 2/3 of the way with Premo polymer clay in Pomegranate red. I also added an edging of Perfect pearls powder in heirloom gold [after I took this pic].   

The before picture showing placement - I always take a reference shot in case I  mess up
Once cured, I sorted through my crazy collection of charms, rhinestones and watch parts until I found what I thought was a funny pun--- "Bee on Time".  I then printed out those words on paper, cut out and sealed them using packing tape.  

I mixed my resin per package instructions and carefully poured, placed and tweaked my design until I was satisfied.  Then, covered and set in a safe, level place out of sight.
 First pour
Second pour

The next day I opened the cover and was mostly pleased with what I saw.

I did not cover the bee or the 'B' completely and my paper words had obviously leaked a bit around the edges.  I mixed up a second small batch and touched up what I could.

Over all I am pleased with the result. I wish I could have it back to wear as a pendant but it becomes a permanent part of the CHA display.

Thanks for stopping by today.
If you get the opportunity check out the Resin Crafts blog for tips and ideas.

Have a great rest of the week,
Warm Regards,  Tammie


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