Pinterest Monday- Why I'm not in the workshop...

Our southern gentleman....Rhett at 10 weeks
Hi Friends~
Just over two weeks ago, our family adopted a boxer boy we have named 'Rhett'. We have a 3 year old female boxer named Dixie and wanted to add a friend for her.  Needless to say,  between potty training and the other responsibilities of being a dog mom, I have been in the work shop less than two hours since that day. 
So since I don't have any new work to share...I decided to share some boxer pics from my Pinterest board.  Enjoy!


  1. GAH! BOXERS! I LOVE BOXERS! Aww, Rhett is so CUTE! Hint for teething time, (if I haven't already done this... if I have, ignore me!) keep two old rags handy in the freezer. Get 'em wet, partially wring 'em out and ball 'em up in a baggie. Give him one to gnaw and keep one in the freezer. It helps relieve the "new teeth" phase and saves on a lot of shoe leather (tho' not *all* the shoe leather! ~snork~) Voice of experience when our now 10 year old Weimer was a pup. (cuddles and skritches, Rhett!)


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