Not Getting Much Done

I have a big, two day, outdoor show this weekend. Unfortunately, I'm not getting a lot done because of 18.8 pounds of precocious boxer puppy. 
Last weekend we picked up "Rhett" from the breeder and its been a mile a minute ever since. He is a pistol! I forgot how much time and effort house breaking is. 
Big sister Dixie is learning too, she's pretty calm by nature, so having a perpetual ball of energy nipping at your heels can be a challenge for everyone . 
He's asleep now, so I'm off to try and get something done......


  1. I love Boxers, they are the best dogs. I just got a 4 yr old rescue female and she is the most loving and gentle dog ever. I can imagine how much energy a pup has! Good luck at your show!

  2. Oh! What a precious baby! That is one of my favorite breeds! I love how they think they are lap babies!!

  3. Oh, I love him! We had a boxer when I was a kid. He could lick the back of his own head with his tongue! (hahah!) He was so sweet. They have such great faces! Does yours still have his puppy teeth? A suggestion (if no one's told you already) for when he starts teething is to have two old wash rags to hand. Get them damp/wet (not dripping!) and ball them up and freeze them. Give one to the pup to chew and always have one in the freezer. You might have damp floors but he'll be less likely to chew things he shouldn't (not that he *never* will, just less likely to!)

  4. What an adorable baby!!! Hope your show goes really well for you!!! Do you create when you are at the show? My daughter and I get a lot of designing done when we are at shows! Plus it adds interest and makes people stop to see what you are doing!!! Have a Blessed Mother's day!

  5. Oh goodness. . .the CUTE! We want a boxer too one day. I insist that the hubs get the backyard fenced first. That was YEARS ago and still no puppy. Please get posting pictures of Rhett here so I can entice the hubs with them (oh, and so I can enjoy more cuteness too ;) )


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