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One of the things about TTE that I most enjoy beyond the creative process is meeting people and making new friends. Last weekend at the Gosport Festival I asked two new clients if I could take their pictures for my pages. I present Amber and Sherry sporting some TTE bling. 
 Amber's family came out on Saturday to get something special for Mother's Day. They took home a standing cross [proceeds headed to Food for the Poor] and this 'bluebird of happiness' resin vintage look pendant. I snapped this on Sunday when they stopped by to say 'Hi'. 
Sherry and family were gift shopping on Sunday but she found this piece with handmade polymer clay beads which matched what she was wearing, I didn't even have to wrap it. :-)
Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful weekend. Check back for Pinterest Monday next week. 
Warm Regards,


  1. It is just so cool when people love your stuff!!! Have a Blessed Weekend!

    1. Thanks Robin, it is so cool, pleasing and humbling all at the same time.

  2. Sure makes all your hard work worthwhile to see these smiling faces, Tammie!


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