5/2/13 -Thrifting Thursday...and a little something made from it.

I enjoying going to thrift stores.
 It's the thrill of the find and the creativity of 'what could I make from this?' that intrigues me. 
In a recent trip I came across this set of 2 copper cookie cutters. Additionally, a dictionary and a nursery rhyme book I can use for altered art and the coolest prize of all... a completely intact craft kit from the 1970's.

Old but not antique...
Nice illustrations to use

Now this sea gull sculpture is not my style, but still I was curious, "What could possibly be inside?"

A pic taken of the instructions copyright, 1976......

 The kit had all the pieces!  A few wooden parts, wires, sea shells, even the original petrified glue tube, but the best part was the spool of copper wire and a sheet of brass!  For $2.58 I had to give it a shot.

I cut out some squares and rounded the corners, filed the edges and ran the brass through my Cuttle bug to add designs.  

I'm a big fan of the salt and ammonia method of adding a sapphire blue patina to brass. I first learned of this through a short tutorial from Melinda Orr at Artisan Whimsy  and I have used it often since then.

After 24 hours in the patina, a rinsing, drying and bit of relief sanding and a couple of holes punched.
I came up with these light weight and fanciful earrings.  I do plan to make more to sell, but in an uncharacteristic move....these are a treat just for me.

Thanks for stopping by my thrifting adventure. Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the earrings and the patina turned out great. I am in love with my cuttlebug and the designs that you can get using it. I do have one dumb question - I have strayed away from shapes that I cut out myself and have used mostly precut blanks. How did you obtain the curve on the edges (did you file them?) I figure that is the most logical way but when I start to file things they doing always cooperate.

  2. I'm a thrifter also, I think I've shared with you that I go to VA Beach every other week to support my mom. Anyway, that area has fabulous Thrift Stores and whenever I need a break, I run to them! I love this blog post - I am for sure going to try the brass embossing, I love the patina.

  3. Love this! Great post Tammie, I am allergic to ammonia but I love the color of the patina!!! HOpe you have a Blessed day!

  4. What fun you had! I love a good repurpose adventure and you had a jackpot with this one. Those earrings are really lovely.

  5. Great find and love the earrings you made.

  6. wow what a great kit. I love finding unexpected goodies.

  7. I love shopping thrift stores to find jewelry to repurpose. Great earrings!!

  8. Lovely!!!!!!!!!! I have been meaning to try Melindas Technique....I need to get hopping! Great Patination!

  9. I am picturing you rubbing your hands together gleefully, Tammie... I love how someone else's cast-offs have become your new-found treasures. Happy crafting!

  10. That is a great find! I'm amazed that the brass was not pre-cut, or at least scored. I love the earrings you made.

  11. Another thrifter here. I've found everything from a glass grinder to supplies to tools. And I grew up with that same Mother Goose book! Fantastic hint about the brass patina...I'm just getting into the metal side of things. I will have to ask my dad for his castoffs. That blue color is just too irresistible for me.

  12. These earrings turned out terrific, Tammie! I read through your entry, then went back to Melinda's tutorial on AW and looked that over. Not sure how I missed that the first time, but I sure appreciate you calling my attention to it! I must try this!


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