Thursday Thrifting & Repair ~ the Results

  About a week ago I posted about a some repair work that I was in the process of completing. My customer sent me about 15 pieces of various types to work on.  
  Several were in the black glass/jet/onyx family and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon some great finds at my fav thrift store that helped my complete these projects.
<<These are the repairs and the pieces I was was sent in 3 cases earrings were  non-existent, broken or missing and she wanted replacements.

are the earrings 
I found 
to work 

The first set I worked on was this black and pewter look butterfly motif necklace.  I searched for some coordinating butterflies but came up short. So I opted to go more 'garden' theme. I made up some earrings using dragonfly beads, Czech crystals and some tiny bicones from one of the thrift earrings. After repairing the clasp, added the single rose bead that had been her earring as a charm on the clasp. 

Next, I fixed the clasp on this large focal pendant. I once again deconstructed, and then added the single broken earring that it came with as a clasp charm. The earrings were some of my thrift finds which I deconstructed (as some parts were damaged), and then re-configured with more czech crystals to reflect the grandeur of the original pieces. 

Lastly I once again deconstructed a set of earrings from the thrift store find and reconfigured them into a pleasing cascade of drops.  I added two more drops to the existing one at the bottom point of the necklace. Tying into the theme even further. 
Over all I was pleased with the results, I hope my client will be too.  She is stationed overseas and so I am on pins and needles waiting for her reaction.


  1. I think the pieces are fabulous! Great job!

  2. Great job. I love the last set. Maybe I should get on the ball and fix some old pieces I have laying around. Just never seems like there is enough time over here.

  3. I am so incredibly happy with all of the sets. Tammie you are especially talented. Your work is amazing and you did such a wonderful job with each set! You've given a beautiful new life to my jewelry box! Thank you so much ~your indebited customer :)

  4. I love the last necklace and all the earrings! I agree with the comment above, it all got a new life!


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