Nostalgia Friday

 In a recent post I mentioned my love of vintage WW1 & WW2  military posters. Some say they are propaganda and I suppose they are, but to me they speak to the values that we as Americans strive toward.  It sometimes seems that these values are lost, old-fashioned, out of touch. Then something happens, whether it be 9-11 or a weather catastrophe, like Joplin, Mo or Tuscaloosa, AL or even a helicopter crash with loss of life as occurred last week for one of our sister squadrons in the Naval aviation community.  Suddenly ~people rise to the event, and the American values of duty, honor and country come into play as if they were never missing.  I created these pendants as a salute to a simpler time and those values I hold dear. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  As per a request from a friend I am working on a new group for our sister services, stay tuned.  God Bless America.


  1. These ARE really clever and should go like hotcakes. Think you found your niche!


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