Bead Soup~ Going Postal!

I'm quite excited to participate in the Bead Soup Blog Hop. Our packages to our partners were supposed to be mailed out NLT July 2. I don't like to be late so I packed up my pretties on Friday June 29th via USPS flat rate and mailed them away.

 I almost always use flat rate for anything more than a padded envelope. After living overseas I know that those little boxes work wonders.  For TTE Designs I always keep a supply, along with the correct postage on hand.  The P.O.'s rule for sending that out from home is a 13 oz. limit. No problem, I just use my kitchen scale to confirm it.
So imagine my horror on Monday the 2nd at 3pm when I checked my mail to see this>>>

GASP!  Apparently it was 13.6 oz
Thankfully one of the nice things about being back in Chesapeake, VA is the closeness of a local, fast & friendly P.O.   I was waiting on my landlord to stop by for a repair and as soon as he left I was out the door. Happily all ended very well and my new friend Shanti messaged me to say she received her SOUP.   Those pretties will be revealed in my next post. ~  As always, Thanks for reading...


  1. I would have been horrified, too! That's why I take my Flat Rate boxes directly to the post office! Glad she received her soup!

    1. Patti~ I guess I thought I had it down to a science...silly me *LOL*


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