Ephemera~ DWT Pendants

  I have always loved Ephemera. I have to confess I didn't really even know it had a name until a few months ago while searching for vintage military posters on Etsy.  I collect (and hoard according to my DH LOL) vintage & antique papers, cards, post cards and I would love to have some real WW I & II military posters.
  The prize of my small collection is a group of antique post cards from the early 1900's. What makes these particular cards so special is that I inherited them from my great Aunt Dorothy. We moved a lot as a kid, so most of the time we only saw Aunt Dorothy once a year, but I cherish the memories of those special visits and family reunions held at her house.
  Unlike today, at the turn of the last century, postcards were a common way to send greetings to loved ones and friends. In Aunt Dorothy's collection I have New Years, Valentines, Easter,  Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to name a few.  In addition to the cards themselves I love the calligraphy of that age. The beauty of the script is a lost art form today in our technology driven world.

Be My Valentine
Happy New Year

Sweet Valentine
Happy Easter

Beautiful script to Dorothy from her grandmother

Inspired by these lovely cards I created a series of domino pendants called "DWT" for Dorothy W. Tusher. I photocopied some of my favorite images on high quality settings and then carefully trimmed and mod podged them to a vintage wooden domino. I then added some bits of whimsy to reflect the theme of the image as I saw it~ including buttons, sea glass, charms & beads to name a few.

I am happy to present these on my Facebook page, and eventually in other outlets as well.
Thank you for spending a few minutes here today. ~ Tammie


  1. How creative. I love the starfish! Do you have more or are they all one of a kind?


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