Two in a Row! 1/12/21

 Two in a row! Blog posts that’s to setting a reminder in my phone to make sure that I put some thing down today.

So today’s post will be about a tin I found last week while thrifting . I’v since learned  it originally came as a collectible from Costco featuring journals related to the twilight Saga books. 

The rich black coloring and bold silver swirls and vines are the perfect backdrop for some great recycled statement jewelry. For Christmas I got some new shape templates and I was excited to try them out on the necklace and earrings. It’s nice to offer some unique and out of the ordinary motifs. And for the Artist it keeps things interesting.

I even made the main necklace reversible with a nice red abstract design. Doubling the tin gives it strength and durability and also flexibility in your wardrobe. 

So thanks for checking in and the rest of the blog is just beautiful pictures so enjoy and I hope to see you again soon. 


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