4 in a Row! 1/26/2021

 Hi Friends

Wowza, 4 posts in a row!  Setting that reminder in my phone has been a big help. Now on with the post

  Last week I did the Lakewood 400 show. I met a client who pursed a set of matching earrings and cocktail ring. She wanted a cuff bracelet to match. I told her I thought I had some tin, but it turns out that all I had left was this little strip. Not big enough for the big focal she had envisioned. 
I did some tinkering and came up with this design. It needs some finishing touches but she is pleased so far. It's pushed me out of my box a bit and has inspired me to try a couple of riffs on the idea. 

  This was all the tin I had to work with !!!!!!

Also last week I acquired these two tin boxes. Aren't they fantastic? Of course they are DO NOT CUTs

So that's a quickie but at least its a post!
Thanks for checking it out & have a great week. 


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