2021 Annual "I'm gonna start blogging again post"

 Hello Friends

Well, apparently it's time for my annual "Hey, I should start blogging again in the new year" post.       

So without further ado.... for as long as it lasts.....


2021 is going to be the year that I get my packaging classy, cohesive and of course thrifty. 

Let’s start with wrapping and preparing online purchases. To save on shipping expenses I generally use a bubble mailer and in the past wrapped my items in tissue and place them in a clear cello bag tied with a pretty ribbon. But as I’m going to start upgrading feel that I need to put my pieces in gift boxes. 

After a day and a half of agonizing over every picture on the Internet I decided to go with white. I had considered craft brown or turquoise or even a few other colors and combos but in the end clean crisp white what is the winner. A couple years ago I bought a couple rolls of beautiful paisley turquoise and green wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree. My intention at the time was to offer gift wrapping if people wanted that option. I still have one whole roll left and have decided that it will be my accent along with turquoise ribbon and a TTE Designs logo sticker. I feel that this is clean and simple but still classy and cost-effective. 

  I like to include a thank you note with each purchase. So I recently picked up a packet of 12 thank you cards at the thrift store for a dollar. I chose these in particular because there was not much writing/info/logo stuff on the back of the card. Since I plan to cut them in half I don’t want it to be very obvious that they are recycled and cut in two. 
I started by using a glue stick on the front surface and then laying the cards out on the wrapping paper. I smoothed  the paper and then rough cut the cards apart. I then used sharp scissors to trim any raggedy edges and once that was finished I used my paper trimmer to cut the cards in half.
Voila! Perfectly coordinated little thank you cards to send along with each purchase. 

So now hopefully I will keep up with the blog this year. I’m going to set myself a weekly reminder in my phone to try to come up with content. 
 I hope you’ll stay tuned


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