3rd Times the Charm - What's Been on My Plate This Week & Ozark????

Hello Friends~ Well it's week 3! 

I set myself a reminder to blog each week and so far, so good. 

This week I worked on some big 'conversation hearts' pendants. Remember those little powdery candies when we were kids?

 'Kiss Me' or 'Love You' were common phrases. 

These are my take on that theme.  Reversible, and each one features a positive reminder-  Smile,  Happy or Witty/Charming/Fun  $30 on ttedesigns.com 

This past weekend I also participated in the Lakewood 400 my new monthly, 3 day show. It was a decent weekend, especially for January as not as many folks are buying gifts. 

Did you know that Georgia [and especially the ATL area] is a big movie production area? We were informed by the management that the 
Netflix series "Ozark"  would be filming on the premises and that our hallway would be included in some long shots. 
They wanted us to leave our booths intact because of that. I can't do that for a couple reasons, one of which is that I do markets in between and need my inventory. So instead I moved things around, flipped my big posters and my logo sign so it might been seen down the hallway. Fingers crossed.... Then I could say "As seen in Ozark" lol 

set up for filming

It's a long shot because it is a really LONG hallway.....

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.
Warm Regards,


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