TTE Designs + Refreshed~ "Coastal Inspired Living" a New Partnership


 So I'd like to tell you a story that happened to me recently. 
  There are several new shops that have opened recently in my neighborhood that feature antiques, crafts and collectibles. I had some time after a doctors appointment a couple weeks ago and decided to stop by these new shops and see what they had in store. I had checked out several of them and was about to leave when the proprietor of the antique shop suggested I go two doors down to a new little place that had just opened within the last month. So I did. 

  I entered the shop and was greeted by the woman behind the register. I began to look at the pretty displays and home decor items.
   As I was looking, the woman behind me said "Is your name "Tammie Tusher?" I turned and looked at her very surprised, because that is my maiden name not my married name. When I looked at her she said "My name Shari, do you remember me? We worked together at Lerners in Jacksonville North Carolina". I looked at her and couldn't believe it! After almost 30 years we are once again living in the same town. 
  So, as you can imagine, the 10 minutes that I had alloted to myself to look around the shop turned into an hour and a half, and even though I needed to leave I still wasn't ready to go. In reacquainting ourselves with each other's lives over the years, she obviously had started a business and she asked what I had been doing.  Of course I had to tell her that I was now a jewelry artist. She said "I have been thinking about including some ocean and beach themed jewelry pieces in my collection do you do anything like that and if you do would you be interested in having some things here at my shop?". 

– You can see from the rest of this article including the pictures TTE Designs is now partnered with Refreshed~ Coastal Inspired Living and I am excited to say that I will be producing a larger line of ocean and beach inspired pieces, featuring cultured and natural sea glass, fibers, copper and stones in the coming weeks.
Many thanks to Shari and her openness to my work.
I truly appreciate the opportunity and I think we are going to have a wonderful partnership.

Please check out her Facebook page : Refreshed 
or if you happen to be in Chesapeake Virginia stop by her shop located at 123 Battlefield Blvd S, near the draw bridge.
Shari & my display

Cultured sea glass
Natural sea glass & shells

Mermaid dictionary pendant


  1. Even more thrilled that you will be working with an old friend, Tammie... He works in mysterious ways, doesn't He?

  2. Great story! Hope you do well in her new shop. Looks like you will! It is nice to get reacquainted with old friends.

  3. That is a great story! How nice to meet old friends again and start a new partnership.


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