Thrifting Thursday 9-4-14 'Roadside Rescue'

Today's post is not jewelry or craft related, but it's a thrifty project just the same. 

When #1 child left for college and his first apartment last month, he took not only the furniture from his room, but also some of the things we had around the house including the ikea tables I had in our little sun room.

So last week, when I drove by this sad faux wood cart on the side of the road waiting for the trash truck. I scooped it up, brought it home, washed it [ it was pretty dirty], took off the 3 remaining wheels and once dry, gave it a couple of coats of Krylon in a satin brown.

Since it's fake, plastic coated wood, I chose the Krylon Color Master paint for 'hard to paint' surfaces to ensure good contact.  
Sorry for the lame pictures, it was only after I started painting that I thought  "Oh, I should use this for a Thrifty Thursday post..."

Here's the final shot, granted it's not an exciting project, but the TV is no longer sitting on the floor and it only cost $8.32, the cost of paint.

If it lasts long enough, maybe child #2 can take it to college when she goes in two years. Then much to my husbands dismay, I'll be scouring the roadsides for a new project.....


  1. That's a very nice stand, Tammy. I rescued an old piano one time and gave away, and a wonderful old rocking chair from the curb that only needed one screw to fix it right up. I had to get rid of the chair when we moved from California back to Oklahoma, but it found a good home. I'm a fan of upcycling and with my husband in remodel construction, we get tons of opportunities for good stuff. That's how I got my 4"x4" claying tiles, a whole box, left over from a job, unwanted by the owners. :)


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